Tortured: “When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things” versus “Murder-For-Profit Club” Coined by NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton-Stewart

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Tortured: “When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things” versus “Murder-For-Profit Club” Coined by NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton-Stewart

by Cassandra

14th Feb 2019

Normally, when the word Torture is written about in the media, we expect it to be either a historical account of a past event from decades ago like the Holocaust in World War II or to refer to human rights abuses in Asia, the Middle East, or the illegal use of torture during war conflicts and capturing terrorists, but always somewhere very far away from where we reside.

In 2019 this is the growing reality for communities and knowingly innocent Targeted People of Integrity in Western Democratic Society today: Voyeuristic Torture-For-Profit Programs utilizing stealth/neuro-weaponry/microchips/implants for mind/body mapping/ biohacking/ manipulation/control/implanting of thoughts/ images/ movies/ dreams/ sound/ mind-reading to invade every intimate moment of privacy you can imagine in a target’s mind/body/home/whilst out-and-about.

These programs are run covertly by corrupt networks of 5 Eye Countries’ Intel, police, and fusion centres who knowingly and wrongfully place innocent Targeted People on scam watchlists.

Neighbours, work colleagues, and paid members of the community of all ages including children are trained and co-opted to participate in Mobbing and Torture of Innocent Targeted People via Directed Energy Weapons, Neuro-Weaponry, See Through the Wall Technology, V2K, and to participate in spreading of defamation and private information about the Target, organized harassment, stalking, verbal abuse, set-ups on the target for cover stories and cover-ups all in exchange for benefits, rewards, promotions, money, free cars to drive around in to stalk Targeted People.

This network of organized crime and torture has been coined and exposed by NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton-Stewart as the Murder-For-Profit Club rolled out over USA, UK, Europe, 5 Eye Countries, Globally.

(Read Karen Melton-Stewart’s Targeted story here: NSA Whistleblower Wrongfully “Baker-Acted” by Florida Sheriff’s Department After Providing Hard Evidence of Covert Electronic Harassment by Ramola D).

These types of Bio/Neuro-Hacking Torture and Invasion of Privacy could potentially be rolled out on everyone with the expected 5G roll out across the world.

Investigative Science and Technology Writer Ramola D informs us via her thread on Twitter: #5G is a WEAPONS System. Technical Weapons expert spells out truth behind LED lights, Covert 5G Rollout, Sub GigaHertz Frequencies targeting health.

The psychologist Stanley Milgram began his now famous Milgram experiments in 1961 testing how obedient all levels of education of people in society were to authority figures, who were coerced into giving increasingly high voltage & (fatal had they been real) electric shocks to another person in a different room whom they could only hear but could not see, whenever they answered a question wrong.

(Read more about the experiment here: Milgram Experiment).

These types of experiments and shocking obedience to authority whether based on false narratives, coercion, threats to one’s own liberty and life, are shown in real-life examples in the below excerpts.

I have chosen the prevalent topic of Torture which is fast becoming a part of our Western societal paradigm of living and have compared the similarities to the illegal use of Torture at Guantanamo Bay and during war conflicts and capturing enemy combatants with Voyeuristic Torture-For-Profit Programs on Knowingly Innocent People whilst neighbours, work colleagues, people in the community, medical professionals, friends, family are co-opted to participate in the demise and destruction of a person’s life based on outright lies, false narratives, profit, jealousy, cover-ups, coercion, threats, obedience to authority.

The following (in green ink) are excerpts from the book Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock, interspersed with commentary (my own writing in blue ink) and excerpts from other sources (in red ink) with links to that work which relate to the Torture Program Murder-For-Profit Club on Knowingly Innocent People of Integrity, Whistle Blowers, Activists, Journalists, to neutralize truth and cover-up anything the Deep State and Governments do not want the public to know about.

This is a long read if read carefully and the links provided followed up in depth. It may take several readings to absorb all the information especially if new to this topic.

I urge you to research this yourself and to please be kind enough to spread far and wide the links to articles exposing these sick and dangerous Crimes Against Humanity that affect literally EVERYONE on this planet and our own Communities.

Every article has been written by a Target affected by these Torture-For-Profit Programs at great risk to our lives and those we love. The only way we can stop it is with MASSIVE PUBIC EXPOSURE.

Torture — Hidden in Plain Sight

“Part of the reason the United States has been able to pull off its torture regime is that it was hidden in plain sight. The process was normalized and sanitized, through rhetorical tricks, dubious legal arguments, and bureaucratic rigmarole, making it more palatable for the public and simpler for soldiers.”– Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock


“Do you know, that FBI takes “contracts” on innocent people to enrich themselves privately, then tasks a main Fusion Center to FABRICATE FALSE ACCUSATIONS, FALSE EVIDENCE, FALSE WITNESSES TO NON-EXISTENT CRIMES in order to place innocent people on the Infragard Watch List?” THE REAL STORY: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Addresses the Rotary Club on Treasonous, Criminal Stalking & Harassment Watchlist Programs Run By FBI, Infragard, Fusion Centers by Ramola D

How the FBI (& DHS/NSA/CIA) Wrongfully Targets Innocent & Stand-Out Americans with COURT-ORDERS from Bought Judges For Purposes of Criminal Community Takeover

Posted below is critically important information from FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee from a very recent post he made on Portland Indymedia offering a sample court-order and discussing the modality by which the FBI, acting locally via Federal Magistrate Judges, wrongfully procures court-orders on innocent targets, which are then used like a weapon to defame, smear, dismiss, discredit, and socially-isolate the target locally, in ways which then ensure that all whom the FBI notifies will necessarily participate in community-wide actions to treat the target like a criminal — by constant and overt physical and electronic monitoring, surveilling, stalking, mobbing, harassment and coded Psy Op actions intended to provoke and stress the target in Mengele-style 24/7 Persecution Operations, which have in some cases led to the death by suicide of the target.” Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower: Murderous Corruption of FBI and Federal Magistrate Judges, Sample Secret FMJ Court-Order Requiring Inhumane Community Persecution of Innocent Targets by Ramola D

“We now live in a society where this government is experimenting on the public with electromagnetic weapons for the sole purpose of control….The entire system has to change; otherwise the government will eventually admit that they possess this technology and continue using it and find a way to justify its use under the guise of national security.”–Dr. John Hall (Chapter 15, Pergola of Perdition, Guinea Pigs/Technologies of Control)

“What has been disclosed by the military are weapons which interact with our living energetic systems — living systems which are responsible for sustaining our lives and mental processes. These new weapons are unlike anything ever contemplated by mankind. These are weapon systems which pierce the very integrity of the human being….The greatest issue moving against humanity is the “secrecy syndrome” which governments have succumbed to since the end of World War II. This government paranoia is the enemy of freedom. We need to recognize that within democratic institutions the requirement to disclose weapons and technology concepts should be a matter for public debate. We do not have to tell people how to build these systems, but we must be able to debate these new concepts.”–Dr. Nick Begich (Controlling the Human Mind, On the Way to 1984)

“The common disbelief of the uninformed public is expertly nurtured by those operating in these highly secretive programs. Discrediting is a very important and valuable proponent which serves as an effective means to successfully keep these covert programs under wraps as long as possible and allowing them to thrive. A misdiagnosis enables the continued abuse and cover up of electronic harassment in Psychological Operations, regarding the Targeted Individual….If I can stress anything as vital here, I must stress that the psychosis diagnosis of Targeted Individuals is the ace-in-the-hole for continued testing of technology on human subjects around the world legally.” –Renee Pittman M, (Chapter 11, Remote Brain Targeting), How Secret Policing With Deadly Non Lethal EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside The US & Globally by Ramola D

Torture “Lite”(!)

“So-called torture lite has been proven to cause complete psychological breakdowns, permanent physical ailments, and sometimes death. Forced standing, for instance, causes ankles to swell to twice their size within twenty-four hours, which makes walking excruciating. Some prisoners faint and even suffer kidney failure. A 2007 study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry reported that treatments such as forced stress positions, blindfolding, threats against one’s family, and sleep deprivation cause the same level of mental suffering, traumatic stress, and long-term psychological outcomes as physical torture.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

Victims of insidious torture via EMF, Microwaves, Sonic, and Scalar Waves from Directed Energy Weapons and Neuro-Weaponry from CO-OPTED neighbours and PAID/BRIBED people in the community who routinely frequent and rotate shifts in neighbouring properties (which include the co-opting and training of children and teenagers to participate in GENOCIDE of Knowingly Innocent Targets/People for profit), cell phone towers, and satellites, experience daily Physical, Psychological, and Sexual Torture.

Victims are tracked in their own home, mind, and body 24/7, often unable to find reprieve from sitting, standing, or laying down as technology is directed to where the victim is located, vibrating under genitals for sexual stimulation, zapping of joints and internal organs, strong electromagnetic frequency on the brain for effects on cognition, mind control, submission, and control of consciousness and sleep for sleep deprivation. Legs can be insidiously radiated and swelled to double their size to make walking painful and to gas light; many doctors will not acknowledge the source of these symptoms or will offer little to no treatment. These are just several examples that correlate with the examples given in the above excerpt, it is by no means an exhaustive list of symptoms nor the weaponry used.

The difference being, at places like Guantanamo Bay, the prisoners are recognized as being Tortured Without Due Process whereas in Western Democratic Countries victims are GAS LIGHTED and can be PUNITIVELY SECTIONED or FALSELY ARRESTED for exposing or seeking justice for their Illegal Surveillance Torture by rogue authorities, governments, private contractors, and greedy, ignorant, jealous, fearful civilians from all walks of life who are quick to profit from torturing victims and participating in set-ups, cover-ups, slander and hate campaigns to defame and denigrate the victim to stop them from getting help; usually by the time the victim has worked out that they have been illegally added to a SCAM WATCHLIST that profits from destroying all areas of a person’s life, their support system of friends, family, and romantic relationships have also been manipulated, interfered with, and relationships broken or co-opted out of fear, torture, retaliation, ignorance, or convinced by falsified official documents on slander and fabricated accusations, and fake investigations against the victim.

The below excerpt equally applies to how these Crimes Against Humanity, Torture, and Genocide are implemented in the UK, rest of Europe, the Five Eye countries, and Globally:


Did you know that some of your neighbors have been recruited into a secret “Murder-for-profit” Club?

To justify their existence, Homeland Security/Fusion Centers in each state recruit low-life civilians into a secret, unconstitutional army of vigilantes that harass, harm, and murder for money.

These innocent, unsuspecting victims are loaded onto the fraud Terrorist Watch List to bloat the numbers of threats to the community, in order to increase Fusion Center funding. Slander is used to hate/fear monger.

Fusion Centers pay civilian thugs to identify vulnerable people, older, alone, or people with assets someone else wants, or who wealthy, powerful, or influential people find “inconvenient” and want neutralized or “snuffed out”.

A main Fusion Center takes the contract hit, constructs a (“parallel construction”) dossier or list of non-existent, fabricated crimes on the person, then sends it out to the appropriate Fusion Centers as the fraudulent basis for illegal persecution and criminal harassment and torture of that person until he/she is dead. By NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart: “Murder-For-Profit” Club

Are We Legal Non-Persons?

“As Albert Camus explained, torture is a crime that attacks both the victim and the perpetrator. It has proved to be so insidious a machine that every cog — even those merely associated with it — is affected.

Soldiers were given the rundown. First, never use the word prisoner. They were detainees in a detention center, not prisoners of war. Prisoners have rights; detainees have no rights. A whole new set of military laws would be replacing the Geneva Conventions.”

“The terrorist organization did not abide by the same military rules, and therefore, the lawyers erroneously argued, the Geneva Conventions did not apply. Alberto Gonzales, then White House chief counsel, called the conventions “quaint” and “obsolete.” In what are now known as the torture memos, White House lawyers explained that the United States could legally abandon its commitment to uphold military laws. Reversing a long tradition of American norms and laws, these memos laid down a path for the widespread, systematic use of torture.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

“Despite MSM Dismissal, We Need to Move On To The Next Step: Dismantle Fusion Centers, Stop All Military/Air Force/CIA/NSA/NIH/US Gov DEW Testing, DEBR, and Neuro-Experimentation: People Are Being TORTURED

Despite the covers, despite the lies, despite the cover-up of FBI KST (Known and Suspected Terrorist) lists, War on Terror lies, Patriot Act/Freedom Act/NDAA/FISA/NSL/Executive Orders, Countering Violent Extremism covers, despite the sanctimonious “National Security” covers under which non-lethal-weapons testing and neuro-weapon testing, AI testing, nano-weapons testing and operations are being run, the most essential fact here is: people are widely reporting being tortured. These are barbaric and inhumane weapons, they are wreaking extreme abuse on people’s bodies and brains, as many have testified.” 9/11/2018: Expose the Treason, Challenge & End Domestic US Fusion Center & Military Terrorism Masquerading as Surveillance by Ramola D

“The FBI uses the FMJ Recklessly to Issue Secret Court-Orders Against the Innocent Target & Permit High-Tech Neuro/Chemical/Bio/Directed Energy Weapon Use on Target

Many individuals try to comprehend how the fbi is able to turn everyone in the country, and indeed the world, against a given Target. I have noticed that fbi assailants appear to engage in the assaults and attempts on my life as a sport whereas the thugs actually laugh and engage in silly antics as though they are gleeful in the attacks.

One explanation of how the fbi obtains illegal orders to torture, maim, falsely imprison and murder Targets follows:

The fbi controls fmj everywhere at will; the fmj owe their lucrative jobs and their careers in the judiciary to the fbi. So, the fbi uses the fmj to issue orders against the innocent Target and no one can stop the madness associated with ex parte meetings between fbi agents/assassins, fmj and their detestable operatives (and paid professional witnesses).

When the fbi obtains an order to surveil and “supervise” a Target, that particular Target is permanently entrapped in a largely invisible system that also uses high tech, deep space based weaponry, chemical/viral/biological agents to incapacitate and to torture the Target (see my reports on DEW, ELF, etc.). I am one such political Target.

Secret FBI/FMJ Court-Orders Turn American Citizens Into Second-Class Citizens and Experimental Rats/No Constitutional Safeguards/Extreme Persecution Invokes Suicide

The fmj issues an order on behalf of the fbi which is broad in scope and always secret, except when the fbi needs to show the order to public officials such as DAs, City Attorneys, State Attorneys, and other government officials tripartite. The orders of the fmj impliedly authorize the fbi to follow, harass, provoke, torture, and murder the Target. In some cases the Target commits suicide and the fmj knows about this consequence of the fmj orders. In cases where forced suicide results I maintain that the fmj and all fbi thugs involved must be prosecuted for murder.” Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower: Murderous Corruption of FBI and Federal Magistrate Judges, Sample Secret FMJ Court-Order Requiring Inhumane Community Persecution of Innocent Targets by Ramola D

“Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers

In 2018: Illegitimate programs of targeting Americans and others worldwide are being run by Fusion Centers in local US communities (& UK and Australian and European and Asian and other American communities): people are being “put under Surveillance” wrongfully by CASUALLY and CRIMINALLY naming them terrorists, extremists, secret spies, mentally ill, and troublemakers.

Once watchlisted or terror listed, surveillees are trafficked by local fusion centers and city and county and State governments into lucrative military and Air Force/other Fed agency Directed-Energy Weapons-testing and neuro/social sciences experimentation contracts, where they are subjected to extreme, inhumane, barbaric, terminal 24/7 assault with radiation or Spectrum neuroweapons (often coupled with covert implantation), in tandem with extremely persecutory and provocative organized stalking or COINTELPRO which includes Psy Ops and echo-stalking in a variety of persecutory actions designed to

elicit the diagnosis of delusional/paranoid/schizoid and eventually psych-commit or utterly destroy the target’s life, and

provoke the target into self-incriminating reaction so they can be arrested and incarcerated, or, significantly, pushed into suicide.

The intention appears to be the incarceration, pushed-suiciding, or Psych-committing of all “people of interest” who exhibit signs of any or all of these: integrity, conscience, high accomplishment, spiritual anchoring, deep faith, a religious outlook, outspokenness, morality, principles, natural leadership, charisma, independence, talent, personal power, psychic powers, community-mindedness, and civic-mindedness, who speak out against corruption, who whistleblow about corruption, fraud, injustice, distinguish themselves as intellectuals and activists, and who cannot be manipulated.

These people are being Character-Assassinated as pedophiles, prostitutes, drug traffickers, drug addicts, child-molesters, porn frequenters or makers, troublemakers, “conspiracy theorists,” “violent extremists,” “terrorists,” “gravely mentally ill,” having “severe untreated mental illness,” and other unsavory lies, libel, and slander in their communities via Outright Lies, Fabrications, and Falsified Records handed out by employees of the FBI, DHS, and Fusion Centers to their neighbors and local businesses.

These people are being named Targets and Subjects and Threats and being given “Threat Assessment” allocations as High Threats.

“Targets” are blacklisted and bullied and harassed out of their jobs and careers.

Targets are lied about to their own families and suffer social ostracizing.

Targets are shunned by neighbors, family members, and treated in hostile fashion by utter strangers.” Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers by Ramola D

“The first detainee off the bus had only one leg. The MPs, who caught him, screamed at him to walk faster as they half-dragged him along. Eventually, a marine threw the man’s prosthesis after him. The second detainee off the bus was handed off to Brandon and his partner.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

In an episode of the history-making podcast series Techno Crime Fighters Episode 52 Whistle Blower Dr Millicent Black reports from her hospital bed on her Major Leg Surgery due to Directed Energy Weapons Torture by her former partner (read more on her story here: Electronic Slavery by Ramola D), and how she is being subjected to verbal abuse and bullying by medical staff and still being RADIATED by Microwave Weapons whilst recovering from major surgery where part of her thigh bone had to be AMPUTATED because it had been Microwaved to MUSH!

[Note: In August 2018, the history-making podcast series Techno Crime Fighters Forum came to an abrupt end due to ideological differences between Katherine Horton and the rest of the Team which led Horton to embark on a still ongoing public online defamation campaign scapegoated around former team member Investigative Science and Tech Writer Ramola D which quickly transpired to include other prominent human rights activists Horton had fallen out with whilst collaborating with them; and also extended to other journalists and activists who publicly stood up to Horton’s relentless, baseless accusations and outright lies against prominent and well-respected human rights activists. It is suspected that Katherine Horton is an infiltrator, paid agent/plant placed amongst Targeted People to play Pied Piper and sabotage genuine targets and activists like Ramola D:

Ramola D/The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory

Ramola D: Swiss Cheese and Bayonets: Katherine Horton’s Nasty Defamation Campaign Titled “Ramola’s Defamation Campaign”

Post Katherine Horton’s SECOND Slam & Smear Assault on Yours Truly, as expressed on her site @stop007org as well as on Melanie Vritschan & Thomas McFarlan & Cassandra–where she has MISAPPROPRIATED the use of my Author Pic, among other crimes, I’m grateful for smarter friends.

#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign The first thing anyone shd know about @stop007org Katherine Horton’s latest attacks on my name & work as rolled out in her new “Right to Reply” video

DEMONIC DEFAMATION DUO: Katherine Horton & Deborah Anne Weber & Motley Crew of Accomplices by CIA Whistle Blower Barbara Hartwell ]

No-Touch Torture, Psychological Warfare, Desensitization via Sensory Deprivation and V2K

“The detainees were an odd sight in their orange jumpsuits. They wore hoods, black gloves, surgical masks, earmuffs, and gunner goggles blacked out with tape — in other words, they were in a state of complete and total sensory deprivation, which has been scientifically proven to cause mental breakdowns. They had been unable to see, hear, or move for the entire seventeen-hour journey from the Middle East. Most of them had urinated or defecated on themselves. Some had their hand-cuffs and leg shackles fastened so tightly that their wrists were bloody and their ankles swollen and turning colors.”

The detainees weren’t allowed to know which country they were being held in. Brandon and the others would mess with them, telling them a different location every time they asked: Russia, Iran. “Your whole country has been nuked,” the MPs told them.

“It looks like a parking lot now. Your friends, family, house — everything is gone.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

Targets who are Psychologically Tortured and subjected to microwave hearing/voice-to-skull aka V2K/synthetic telepathy often experience verbal abuse of threats to murder the target and loved ones, threats and fabrications of bad things happening to loved ones and friends who you might not live near so that you must get in contact with them to check they are still alive and ok. These types of torture are a way to mind control a target into submission and to coerce and force a target to go along with the perpetrators’ false narratives to cover-up these Torture-For-Profit Programs.

“Tinnitus as High-Frequency Technology Used in Covert Assault

But there are other aspects to tinnitus few outside the military and Intelligence world know about.

In this twenty-first century of Electronic Warfare (Operation, Testing, and Training), those who are being assaulted by DEWs in particular (in illegal, criminal, covert systems of surveillance and harassment being kept concealed by the global Surveillance State in collusion with mainstream media, co-opted psychiatry, and silenced communities) know that the tinnitus they have suddenly begun to experience is an externally-induced rather than natural or inherently-arising physical health condition, so this news of a countermeasure has evoked much interest.

Many who are being thus technologically assaulted report either a continuous high-pitched frequency or being woken continually at night at specific intervals by such high-pitched sounds or ringing.

Dave himself has experienced this tinnitus, and relays that his experience began after he tried to patent a certain invention of his, involving the use of photonic processes in computers, and found that the NSA already had a patent for this light technology, classified Top Secret. He believes that he began to be externally targeted with sophisticated remote electronic technology, and, in his own current analysis of these EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) or scalar signal assaults on human bodies, says the GPS satellite system is the primary system being used for neural information transmission to and from human targets.” Dave Case, Electronic Engineer, Invents an Electronic Counter-Measure for High-Frequency Ringing in Ears or Tinnitus by Ramola D

“Bright stadium floodlights shone down on the detainees, day and night. In case that wasn’t enough to deprive them of sleep, every hour Brandon and the other guards woke them up, forcing them to show their hands to ensure that they didn’t have any weapons. For a while, blaring music was played over the PA system. Brandon could make out some of the songs, like Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA,” but mostly it was so loud that he couldn’t even figure out the song.”

“The officers repeatedly told the MPs that it wasn’t their jurisdiction to figure out what was legal or illegal. It was their job to follow orders and react, not question. “In the military, if you start thinking for yourself,” says Brandon, “you become dangerous and they don’t want you around.”

“Inside the cell, Jumah was stripped down to his shorts, with only a prayer mat, and was subjected to freezing temperatures. Violent beatings are relatively quick; so-called torture lite is seemingly endless. With no faucet, Jumah was forced to drink from and wash in the toilet.”

“The so-called no-touch torture techniques were designed to disguise that level of suffering from the perpetrator and the observer.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

“…targets already subjected to Extreme Radiation Electronic Surveillance by the DOJ, and used non-consensually for military weapons-testing, are also unlawfully entered into classified CIA/DIA/NSA/DARPA MKULTRA-extended programs of non-consensual neuro-experimentation and neuro-modification, bio-hacking, and bio-robotization, involving 24/7 pain and trauma signalling for neural network re-programming, no-touch torture, sleep-deprivation, V2K (voice to skull/synthetic telepathy, i.e., voices in head), clandestine implantation of RFID microchips, bio-MEMs, and nanotechnology, clandestine activation of these implants for pain and trauma-signaling, continuous remote brain and neural monitoring via remote EEGs, brain-EMF-harvesting, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Electronic Brain Links, Brain-to-Brain communication, EEG cloning, mind hiving, and interrogation via Dream Manipulation. This information on current-day MKULTRA neuro-experimentation is provided both by ex-CIA scientists, whistleblowers, and current-day “TI” victims of this unlawful and extreme experimentation. Also see the Akwei lawsuit and the Larsen report.” Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up by Ramola D

“This potential for manipulation of behavior and intellectual functioning through manipulation of the brain (which Brezinski predicted) has now been realized some 40 years later…..

The brain is the next battlespace…. We are targeting the brain…. Like (in) any race, the morbidity and mortality, going at this speed, with this level of integrity and this level of momentum, is real.

We are tracking neurological or brain signatures of key targeted individuals that are thought to represent whole groups. If I understand how his or her brain works and do this on a broad enough scale, I can develop patterns and I can use this in ways that informs my intelligence; this force multiplies and synergizes my human intelligence (HUMINT), my signals intelligence (SIGINT), and my communications intelligence (COMINT). NEURINT (Neuro intelligence) coupled with assessment and access gives me these capabilities.

I can utilize neuro-pharmacologics and various forms of brain stimulation to extract information from key intelligence targets.”–Dr. James Giordano”

Confessions of a High-Level Perp: Dr. James Giordano — Battlespace/Organized Stalking Applications of Neuroscience and Neuroweapons (2017 youtube lecture, my transcription and notes, and pdf) by Dr Eric Karlstrom

To Torture or Not to Torture?: Medical Ethics and Colluding Psychiatrists/Psychologists/Medical Professionals

“It seems counterintuitive that a medic would be involved in anything that resembles detainee abuse, but Andy and the others were called on to “soften up” the detainees on arrival. Hitting his fists together, the soldier in charge told Andy, “Get them in here fast, and get them scared.” So Andy yelled at them until he lost his voice. He screamed profanities, got up in their faces, and did whatever he could to intimidate them. Guards pointed nonlethal weapons at detainees’ heads and taser sights at their bodies, grabbed them, and pushed them around.”

“The World Medical Association, which counts the American Medical Association as a member, had issued clear directives: Doctors could not assist in torture or cruelty of any kind and were duty bound to report abuses they witnessed. The United Nations later clarified that the rules apply to all medical personnel from surgeon to nurse, to psychologist, to medic.

Even now, the Army’s Mili- tary Medical Ethics textbook echoes the Geneva Conventions, noting that a doctor-warrior’s priority is always “physician first.”

“Medics were forbidden to enter the detainees’ encampments, even if the prisoner they wanted to see was too weak or injured to walk. To avoid taking prisoners to the hospital, yet still be able to treat the detainees’ festering wounds, the medics set up medical tents, which were hardly more sanitary than the detainees’ living quarters. The available medicine was often past its expiration date, sometimes by years, and the equip- ment was frequently broken or inadequate.”

“Doctors are ethically supposed to treat anyone: the wounded cop as well as the gang-banger who shot him. But at Abu Ghraib, refusing care was not uncommon and was often ordered.”

“Health care workers are also uniquely posi- tioned to help. As Steven H. Miles, a bioethics professor at the Univer- sity of Minnesota Medical School, explains, medical personnel “are on the front line as human rights workers in prisons, with a duty to prisoner welfare. They have the skills to see signs of abuse. They can see pris- oners who may be hidden from ordinary human rights monitors. They have the ability to act where others don’t.”

“Doctors helped develop the interrogation plan, which in- volved stress positions, shackling, monthlong sleep deprivation, sexual harassment, military dogs, extreme cold temperatures — even leashing him and making him perform like a dog. One doctor advised the soldiers to put the detainee on a swivel chair so that he couldn’t fix his eyes on one spot, in order to keep him awake. They forced an IV on al-Qahtani, injecting three and a half bags of liquid, when the norm is a single bag. The interrogator subsequently refused to let him use the toilet unless he confessed.”

“A 2007 Red Cross report indicates that CIA medical personnel presid- ed over hundreds of waterboarding sessions, including those of Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. One health-care worker used a pulse oximeter to make sure Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had enough oxy- gen in his blood while being waterboarded at a CIA detention center.”

“One al Qaeda associate, an amputee named Walid bin Attash, told the Red Cross that health-care workers periodically measured the swelling in his remaining leg as he was shackled in a stress position at a CIA black site. Gitmo military doctors twice sent alleged 9/11 planner Mohammed al-Qahtani to the hospital after his heart rate fell to dangerously low lev- els, only to send him back to the torture chamber when he improved. All this was condoned and codified. The DOD was officially arguing that medical ethics and the Hippocratic Oath didn’t apply to medical health-care professionals in certain military settings.”

“In December 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld issued a directive allowing interrogators to withhold care in “non-emergency” situations — men with injuries, even with gunshot wounds, were denied treatment as a way to make them talk. (The directive was soon revoked, but the practice continued.) Four months later, Rumsfeld ordered that doctors certify prisoners “medically and operationally” suitable for tor- ture and be present for the sessions.”

“The CIA received similar advice in 2002 and 2005 from the Justice De- partment, whose torture memos recommended that physicians and psy- chologists be present for the interrogation of “high-value al Qaeda de- tainees.” Having doctors on hand, the lawyers argued, would show that no harm was intended — thereby preempting any legal torture claims. Doctors weren’t just involved, they were fundamental to the entire oper- ation. But it was in June 2005 that the Pentagon delivered its biggest ethical bombshell. It issued a directive that allowed doctors to participate in tor- ture and share medical records with interrogators as long as the detainee in question wasn’t officially their patient. Even medical records of U.S. citizens were fair game. The Defense Department even argued that detainees don’t have the same medical rights as ordinary citizens. In 2005, then deputy assistant secretary of defense for clinical and program policy David Tornberg is- sued a directive explaining that “physicians assigned to military intel- ligence have no doctor-patient relationship with detainees and, in the ab- sence of [a] life-threatening emergency, have no obligation to offer med- ical aid. A medical degree is not a sacramental vow, it is a certification of skill.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

“7. Establishment Cover-Up: The witness―the victim, the experiencer, the target of radiation-surveillance, the 2016 non-consensual classified-ops neuro-experimentee, the exploited lab-rat―is silenced by colluding medical professionals, colluding and ignorant psychiatrists, colluding law enforcement, and a bought, corporate and colluding mainstream media, while being stifled in-house by Govt/Agency infiltrators

Silencing the Witness: Colluding medical professionals, in particular, psychiatrists move in to disappear and Blame the Victim in an astounding act of medical malpractice by naming all those reporting such covert harassment and remote electromagnetic experimentation on their bodies as delusional and schizoid―without once testing their claims of being implanted and frequency-assaulted scientifically, with measuring instruments; without once consulting with neuroscientists, radiologists, toxicologists, medical physicists; without ever getting informed on the current state of neuroscience, the history of experimentation on human beings and animals with electromagnetic radiation, and the history of covert non-consensual neuro-experimentation (eg, MK ULTRA, MK DELTA, MK NAOMI, Project Bluebird, Project Artichoke); and without examining the vast body of evidence available today in patents or revealed by various whistleblowers―guided instead by the wrongful labeling of psychiatric disorders in the increasingly fraudulent DSM, which many psychologists and psychiatrists of integrity question. Disorders named and labelled in the DSM as absolute illnesses, for instance, are not based on physiological evidence but are subjectively decided by a group of psychiatrists, by vote.

Colluding psychiatrists, working for the state and working for the psycho-pharmaceutical complex which puts out the DSM, invent deadlier and deadlier drugs each year, and are responsible for the mass drugging into absolute oblivion of various populations, be they ADHD or “oppositional defiant disorder” teenagers or too-excitable toddlers deemed worthy of Ritalin or Seroquel to help prop up the diseased State with its overt and covert arsenal of intimate Surveillance and Control mechanisms. In essence, acting againstpsyches, against psychological health and well-being, and against societies. In complete opposition to the ethos, essence, and metier of the Hippocratic Oath, and in absolute servility to society’s current oppressors. In Servility to Surveillance should perhaps be emblazoned on their doors. Or Subservience to Surveillance.

History shows us that psychiatrists support the State in situations of totalitarian oppression, overt or covert. History―from right here in the USA―also shows us that corrupt doctors and psychiatrists lie to cover up secretive and abusive non-consensual experimentation―as the 1950s Plutonium Experiments reported by Eileen Winsome, for instance, readily prove. Today, psychiatrists effectively collude with the State to silence and disappear the victims of this 21st-century tyranny: abusive, classified, non-consensual neuro-experimentation and DEW research.

Colluding medical professionals at Universities and hospitals such as surgeons, anaesthetists, technicians, neuroscientists, physicians, and dentists obviously also support the Deep State’s Intelligence agencies by conducting the covert surgical operations of implanting RFID chips, bioMEMs, neurostimulators/BCI chips/other kinds of chips, microcircuits, stentrods, and wires in the bodies of those individuals who have been blacklisted and roped into the criminal programs of covert experimentation discussed here.

Colluding corporate government-run mainstream media swoop in for the kill when targets protest, naming targets insane and seeking to destroy their credibility, as recent New York Times, Mother Jones,and Daily Beast articles and rather frantic Psy Op entries in Rational Wiki and Wikipedia demonstrate. Further, since 2014, when Glenn Greenwald went abruptly silent on the subject after promising to publish the names of all NSA-surveilled individuals, corporate media has shown it will not cover the issue of blacklisted individuals at all.Worse, those reporting as Targeted Individuals are glibly named insane by well-paid journalists, while Targeting itself, a continuing, obvious, oft-stated, and primary concern of this Surveillance State, is completely avoided by mainstream media as a subject of any concern whatsoever; since The Intercept‘s limited reveal of a group of Muslim professionals targeted wrongfully by the State, no further follow-up has occurred. Did Snowden’s trove of documents include details on this targeting of individuals, did it include names and personal circumstances? We’ll never know, will we, if The Intercept is to exclusively mind this information―and has shown reluctance to publish. Whether they have this information or not, however, neither they nor any other media group is pressing the NSA for details on targeting, past or present. The subject of domestic targeting in fact has literally fallen off the radar in mainstream media.

The perfidy and extremity of Media malfeasance here cannot and should not go unnoticed.

Media has essentially become a mouthpiece for Government deception or MILDEC―Military Deception. Media thereby removes itself from its base responsibility to research and report on current affairs for the people, exonerates itself from any culpability in the large matter of ignoring the reports of non-consensual experimentation and covert assault rising continually in cries for help from an assaulted public, and in so doing, proves its collaboration with the State, and against the people.

The campaign to suppress vocal and eloquent non-consensual experimentees and dupe their audience has in fact taken on an urgent and unsavory twist; blaming the Victim, the (CIA-run?) New York Times has shown, is a practice that seeks desperately to be comprehensive and meta-aware. It involves denigrating every single action the reporting victim has taken―whether it is contacting Congressmen, organizing online for support or validation, or writing letters to the editor of the New York Times (or any other media outlet) asking for help. All of this is marked as delusional, all of this is referred to the Psychiatry Establishment as essentially their domain of concern.

(This, despite the fact that, historically, neuro-experimentation, both public-domain and classified, is a known fact, that thousands of patents exist for both neuro-experimentation devices, weaponry, and methodologies, contracts exist for directed-energy weapons testing, and mainstream neuroscience no longer conceals that brains can be invaded, thoughts read, and neural networks modified.)

So Media helps along the fallacy in action here; when people report assault with radiation weaponry and symptoms of neuro-experimentation, no recourse to Medical Physics, Radiology, Radio-Frequency Engineering, or Neuroscience is sought. Instead, a colluding or uninformed DSM-loyal psychiatrist is appealed to, for help in securing a facile and fraudulent “schizophrenia/schizoid/delusional” diagnosis, and Media, not batting a single analytical eyelid, reports this diagnosis as the legitimate, accurate, last word.

Media collusion here expresses the intent of those who are manipulating Media, the Intelligence agencies who still seek absolute hegemony over Americans and the whole of humanity: clearly, the intent is to ruthlessly suppress all reports of covert assault and experimentation by silencing the reporting individual, that is, silencing the witness, the experiencer, the primary voice alerting the world to ongoing Covert Ops programs of neuro-torture and electromagnetic weapons-testing being run by clearly out-of-control Intelligence agencies, complacent military contractors, and a vast National Security apparatus crying “Spy! Terrorist! Unstable! Threat!” on random innocent citizens, whistleblowers, and activists.

Colluding Law Enforcement help establish the deception; just like those psychiatrists and medical professionals in the Know, who assist with the covert implantations or actively collude to diagnose victims reporting the situation as schizoid, Law Enforcement engages in the most insidious deception, permitting, supporting, and assisting the cruel and barbaric targeting of individuals with deadly radiation technology, on the one hand using Through The Wall Surveilance pulsing radar devices―and other, undisclosed “non-lethal weapons” disguised as physical/biometric surveillance–on them, and on the other, denying any knowledge of targets being targeted, feigning concern that all reporting are mentally ill, need community Mental Health intervention, and helping provide this by Baker-Acting them. See NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart’s account of being Baker-Acted.

In-Community Government Infiltrators, meanwhile, help along the Covert Ops cause by insinuating themselves as “helpful” technology experts, information analysts, activists, counselors, and organizers right in the middle of the community of brutally assaulted, seriously-victimized lab-rat targets, jostling their way into key positions at the head of “TI” groups, seeking to establish themselves―on listservs, email lists, regional groups–as key spokespersons, taking charge of what technology can and cannot be spoken about (no talk of Black Ops Neuroweapons allowed, no mention of Remote Neural Monitoring, Neurophones, Mind Control, Covert RFID or Bio-MEM implants, Brain EMF Harvesting by Cell Phone, Pulsed Microwave Radiation delivered via Cell Phone, Scalar Technologies, neighbors using portable DEWs, or Ionizing (radioactive) Radiation weapons), decrying and squashing legitimate attempts at HR activism and advocacy, misdirecting, misframing, and running deceptive Psy Ops on this already-victimized, Mil/Intel-PsyOp’d group.

Just as with Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and the Civil Rights Movement―as with many other groups of activists―this Government infiltration seeks to be divisive, authoritarian, controlling, and stifling―and often succeeds. As a result, attempts to organize legitimately are often sabotaged―from within. Not merely are targets exploited as lab-rats from without, by the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, and DARPA, they are exploited from within, by undercover operatives from these very Departments and Agencies―and possibly also from the larger, overarching entities representing the Crown, the Wall Street bankers/Bilderbergers/TriLaterals running this charade, the Vatican and the soulless secret societies and clubs of feckless billionaires, the Tavistocks/Clubs of Rome/Freemasons/Skull and Bones/Bohemian Grove/Satanists, the “Illuminati” and the Operation Paperclip Nazis, the global shadow government manipulating Intel agencies worldwide–selling themselves as “TIs”, spreading abroad elaborate stories of being targeted themselves, while seeking to squash all meaningful public education and activism, in programs of absolutely immoral deception, manipulation, and exploitation. Raping the rape victim should come to mind, as also stoning the rape victim to death.Twice over, these Departments and Agencies―of the United States Government―and their global shadow government overseers condemn themselves.

Solution: Psychiatrists need to be held to higher standards of accountability to society, as do all medical professionals.In-built oversight and privacy mechanisms should exist, to prevent medical professionals and hospitals from secretly colluding with military and Intelligence agencies to allow or facilitate non-consensual and secret operations, implantings, and experimentations on patients.

Physicians and Psychiatrists Should Be Educated:Psychiatrists and physicians both should be educated on basic advances in neuroscience, and need to understand the expansive frontiers of both neuroscience and neuroweaponry today; they should also be apprised of the basics of Electronic Warfare, what non-lethal weapons are, and the fact that the Military is currently running open field tests of these radiation/sonic/scalar weapons on citizens; and they should be made aware of the ongoing history of non-consensual medical experimentation on citizens.

Physicians and Psychiatrists Should Be Required to Scan Patients: When patients report electromagnetic signals on their bodies, or the sensations of implants being activated in their bodies, or say they have a RF microchip in any part of their bodies, or report “voices in their head” which can be induced electronically―by various means, and have, ever since the Neurophone was invented in 1958 by a bright 14-year-old (Patrick Flanagan)– they need to be scanned or checked radiologically and physically, not gagged neuroleptically, and further abused with disbelief, discrediting, and psychosis-inducing drugs―this is exactly like raping the rape victim, or stoning the rape victim to death, as is currently practiced in that bastion of human rights, Saudi Arabia.

Neuroscientists and psychiatrists today need to be in conversation with each other, and military and Intelligence scientists need to step forward and engage in some candid whistleblowing about what the military and Intelligence agencies are really doing―instead of collecting blood-money paychecks for overseeing Covert Ops torture and maintaining an immoral silence. Tribunals should be held to hold doctors, psychiatrists, and hospitals accountable for misdiagnoses and malpractice on an astronomical scale: for colluding in non-consensual experimentation and exploitation of their patients, and for permitting the secret agencies to step into inflict harm on the patients in their care.

Further, all societies and cultures should have a central ethical reporting body, separate from state departments of health, where anyone suspecting they have become subjects in non-consensual experimentation can go, or write/email to, to present affidavits, documentation, and testimonies, gain technical assistance to get body and brain-scanned, get their homes checked for surveillance devices and torture wiring, or otherwise prove such assaults electronically. Failing the presence of such a central reporting/assisting body, this ship continues to be rudderless and vacuous in direction. Non-consensual experimentees have no-one to report to, and our existing bodies like the President’s Bioethical Commission and SACHRP have stated or indicated they are not accepting and addressing any such reports―proving their absolute Strawman hollowness and inadequacy, and suggesting a covert establishment use as facade and in-name-only purveyance of Ethics. Beyond such hollow Commissions and Committees, in every county, every city, every state, every country, we need a dedicated human rights advocacy center for the examination of all claims of non-consensual covert experimentation and covert harassment for victims.

Media should be held accountable for the printing of lies and distortions, and should not be permitted to work actively with agencies to print propaganda and deceit. That Executive Order permitting propaganda and Psy Ops needs to be repealed. Media’s primary role as true informer to society and analytical observer of events needs to be reinstated. Essentially, Media should be held to the same high standards as for all citizens, and should be made prosecutable for acts of active deception, conducted to palliate the Military or the Government. The CIA’s link to Media needs to be well and truly broken. We need Media watchdogs who work ethically, with integrity, to keep Media on track.

Law Enforcement needs to be persuaded to change its orientation here, to assisting and supporting the public, not covered agencies running deadly programs of secret violence on us. This issue is obviously connected with our laws: we need to strike all citizen-harming laws from the book, and ensure that our police can act with openness and integrity instead of running Psy Ops and deception on the populace. Crime in the 21st-century has to be understood to include radiation assault with DEWs and antennas, and crime victims should be protected―not further abused―by police.

As for undercover infiltration and stifling of victim groupsseeking desperately to inform the world of their exploitation and seeking humanity, seeking help, these US Departments and Agencies should know their day of reckoning is going to come much sooner than they imagine, and when it does, the supremely venal nature of their cruelty to Americans and citizens worldwide will be fully revealed, and will only serve to condemn themselves further. Again the answer here is to fully open the Government, require a complete accounting for all Covert Ops and Psy Ops budgets, demand full disclosure of all Covert Ops and undercover activities―and remove all such funding from these Departments and Agencies.” Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up by Ramola D

“Watered-down versions of these weapons are being rolled out to our now post-9/11 militarized police as “non-lethal weapons”, though they were always designed to be lethal, according to retired military security specialist P. David Gaubatz, in Virginia. His job entailed guarding the testing of these weapons on animals. After watching a particularly misleading 60 Minutes episode years ago, wherein the high-ranking military officer being interviewed touted the non-lethal nature of these electronic weapons (tested on presumably young, healthy males only), Gaubatz tried to warn the public and set the record straight by getting in touch with a program producer to clarify that the weapons were always designed and intended to be lethal, but were merely being used at a lower power to garner the questionable non-lethal designation. He recounted that truckloads of animals were brought into test facilities after dark and truckloads of carcasses were removed pre-dawn, victims of horrific deaths by variations of Directed Energy Weapons at full strength. Microwave of course sucks every bit of moisture out of your body, with an accompanying high-pitched tell-tale whine, if your hearing is good enough to notice it. It must be an excruciating way to die. You may even remember reports coming out from unofficial sources regarding the fierce Battle for the Fallujah Airport in Iraq where Iraqi citizens and soldiers reported Iraqi soldiers rendered into dried out bags of bones and teeth by some weapon unfamiliar to them, silent, long-ranged, and impossible to defend against. The bodies plus two inches of top soil were reportedly taken by the Americans to an unknown location in the desert and disposed of. (See the YouTube video “Star Wars in Iraq 2003” by Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci.) Would the topsoil have revealed radiological contamination? We’ll never know. But that was not the only unconventional weapon rolled out in Iraq. Something else called “The Voice of God” weapon was used on the Iraqi soldiers to make them believe that Allah himself was telling them to put down their weapons and surrender. This is also called “Voice to Skull” aka V2K — sound that is sent along a radio frequency microwave that can actually put that sound, even the spoken word, into someone’s head. President Putin of Russia has even been reported as saying that the Russians attempted to use this technology (a neuro-electronic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of a person, by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation) during the Cold War, to securely communicate with their agents, but “we had to stop because we found it was giving our own agents brain damage”. NSA Intelligence Analyst Addresses New York Times Schizophrenic Coverage of Energy Weapons by NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton-Stewart


“A 2008 military report on soldiers’ ethics found that less than half of the Army soldiers and the Marines surveyed from the current operation in Iraq would report a team member for unethical behavior. Only 32 percent of Army soldiers and 46 percent of Marines would report the mistreatment of a noncombatant. Considering that most people tend to present an idealized self in surveys, these numbers are a staggering testament to the code of silence.”

“Soldiers who have tried to blow the whistle on abuse particularly while still overseas have faced serious repercussions and retaliation. Some have been given work assignments such as searching dead Iraqi bodies for identification or have been put in dangerous situations without their weapons. Others have lost their security clearances, been physically threatened, and even ended up in psychiatric hospitals and jail. There is fear of being “suicided” or “accidentally” killed by friendly fire. As of mid- 2008, almost three thousand soldiers have filed complaints with the Inspector General’s office for retaliation against them when they tried to blow the whistle. That number, though, does not include the multitudes who were too intimidated — or simply too despondent — to make reports. The situation is especially dire for lower-ranking soldiers. “If you are deemed a whistleblower in the Army, there is a very good chance of it ruining not only your career but your life,” says David Debatto, a U.S. Army counterintelligence special agent who saw several such instances while serving in Iraq in 2003. “You are looking at going to a prison like Leavenworth or being put in a psych ward.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

  1. The particular role played by Establishment Psychiatry and ignorant psychiatrists deserves a special mention. In the age of Neuroscience, DSM/Textbook Psychiatry still dares to say “it’s all in your head”. As a consequence, laws are made, journalists bow down and defer, and no-one questions the reality of material, detectable radio-frequency devices — covertly implanted; or material, detectable pulsed radiation — from the radiation weapons of Electronic Warfare; or the deadly reality of neurotechnologies which can put extraneous voices into human heads, extraneous emotions into human hearts, and, ultimately, in the case of bio-robotizing, extraneous actions into human limbs.

The Establishment Cover-up extends to physicians, the medical establishment, academics flying the banner of Ethics, Neuro Ethics, and Medical Ethics, and politicians occupying seats in Congress and the White House as the recent reaction, inaction, and sweeping-under-the-rug of powerful non-consensual-experimentee testimony by appointed personnel on seemingly meaningful but ultimately empty commissions such as The President’s Bioethics Commission and the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections have proved. While there surely must and no doubt do exist wonderful, ethical physicians and academics with a sincere interest in being ethical in their research and in holding Informed Consent sacrosanct, the sad fact is that the medical academic/research enterprise today is apparently held up by both the Pharmaceutical industry and the Defense/Intelligence industry, by the proverbial revolving door between Research and Regulation, and has, over the years, apparently chipped away at Informed Consent until today only loopholes are left, and exemptions, exclusions, and waivers abound.”

— Targeting is Real by Ramola D

“The Effects of Torturing Became the Cause for Torturing. “

“In June 2003, Sergeant Frank Ford, working as a counterintelligence agent in the California National Guard 223rd Military Intelligence bat- talion, reported five instances of torture and detainee abuse that he wit- nessed. They included asphyxiation, mock executions, lit cigarettes being forced into a detainee’s ears, and arms being pulled out of sockets. Hearing the complaint, his commanding officer, Captain Victor Artiga, said he was delusional and ordered a psychiatric examination. When the psychiatrist assessed Ford as mentally healthy, Artiga stormed down there and told her it was a military intelligence issue and that the form had to be changed immediately. Thirty-six hours later, Ford was on a gur- ney getting shipped out on a flight to a military mental ward in Germany. The psychiatrist, who ended up accompanying him, apologized and ex- plained that she thought it was safer for him to get off the base. All of the evaluations at the various military psychiatric wards Ford was sent to during the next several months deemed him mentally stable. Eight months after blowing the whistle, he was honorably discharged. Al- though this is not a common occurrence, by any means, there are numerous accounts of soldiers being sent for psychological assess- ments for combat stress after they blew the whistle. Some have spent months in mental wards and years trying to clear their records.”

“Sergeant Samuel Provance, who worked at Abu Ghraib in 2003 through 2004, repeatedly heard about ongoing problems of detainee abuse and torture, often by his fellow military intelligence officers. He was scared that if he reported it, his complaints would go nowhere, be- cause he had only hearsay evidence. Moreover, he’d be ostracized and maybe even put in danger. But when the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) saw the infamous photos and opened its inquiry, its officials asked all of the soldiers to share what they knew. Sam took the opportunity to answer the CID’s questions truthfully. But his frankness earned him a demotion, threats of jail time, and endless humiliation and harassment. During briefings, officers made an example of him, telling soldiers that he was a liar and a traitor. He lost his security clearance because, as they said, his “reliability and trustworthiness” had been “brought into ques- tion.”

“Being so impotent in the face of authority enraged Andy, and he had a hard time keeping it bottled up inside. Unable to address his com- manding officer, he unleashed his fury on the only targets available: the detainees. The anger and resentment cycled and fed off itself. The effects of torturing became the cause for torturing.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

Please read and research the following: The Foundation of Psychotronic Mind Control Using Beamed Advanced Technology by Renee Pittman

Playing by Whose Rules?: Is it Legal?

“Women have performed lap dances and grabbed detainees’ genitalia. Army interrogator Jeanette Arocho-Burkart, dressed in skimpy clothing, smeared fake menstrual blood on a detainee, which is one of the most degrading things you can do to a Muslim man. The inter- rogators have thrown the Koran on the floor and prevented detainees from bathing before prayer or praying at all. During months of interrogation, Mohammed al-Qahtani had to be hospitalized twice when his heart rate dropped to 35 beats per minute. Interrogators performed a puppet show that made fun of his work with al Qaeda, made him bark like a dog, and taped a photo of a 9/11 victim on his pants and hung another of partially clad women around his neck. At one point, interrogators put a party hat on him, brought him a birthday cake, and sang “God Bless America.” The Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) manual offers detailed instructions for an array of “debilitation tactics” to be used in and out of the interrogation rooms. Military working dogs were to be used for “physical security and as a psychological deterrence.” There were the var- ious stress positions, including the Worship-the-Gods position, in which “the detainee is placed on knees with head and torso arched back, with arms either folded across the chest or extended to the side or front.” These instructions cover how to “manhandle” a detainee by “pushing or pulling” a handcuffed detainee around the room and tips on how to avoid bruising detainees. But perhaps most egregious are the “degra- dation tactics” that cover various slapping techniques and instructions to strip detainees, by “tear[ing] clothing from detainees by firmly pulling downward against buttons and seams.” The SOP forbade some detainees access to the Red Cross. All were de- nied access when they first arrived. Instead, they were put in isolation for a month, and sometimes longer, at the discretion of the interrogators.

Guantanamo was run by the book — the problem being that the rules in that book ordered abuse.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

“1. Scarlet Letter: Community Informants Falsely Label the Target as Terrorist/Spy

Targets are first wrongfully and unlawfully named terrorists, spies, or suspects, by paid Fusion Center FBI/DHS informants, operating in communities, weeding out the outspoken, the activists, the morally upright, anyone they take a dislike to: this includes older women and men, minorities, independent thinkers. This includes journalists, writers, whistleblowers, retirees, peace/justice activists, professors, nurses, doctors, attorneys, engineers, ex-Intel agents, veterans, teachers, home-makers, artists, people from every profession.

Secret FISA Letters and Warrants, and National Security Letters are issued wrongfully to “start an investigation” of the innocent American/named a “suspected terrorist or spy,” couched as legal criminal investigation. They are now subjects of Extreme Surveillance.The Patriot Act permits extended and useless surveillance of pretty much everyone, for pretty much any concocted reason. This may be Running-as-“Legal”, but, because it targets innocents, and builds a folder of lies around innocents, it is Illegal, and already a Crime: it is flagrantly Wrongful, and it’s being applied Inaccurately, to Non-Terrorists, Non-Spies. What results is a sustained dragnet targeting of innocents, absolutely without cause or evidence of wrongdoing,hidden by secrecy.

Diane Roark, former Congressional staffer with the Senate Intelligence Committee, explains here in this talk how Executive Order 12333 and the Patriot Act have permitted extreme abuse in targeting in the name of counter-terrorism, how NSA data is “now being used for criminal investigations, not just for counter-terrorism, which was the original purpose”, how NSA gives tips to local Law Enforcement, and “the courts are also corrupted, because they set up a fake evidentiary trail and cannot expose their data as (sourced from) NSA surveillance”, which, she notes, would be unConstitutional, how local Law Enforcement take the FBI’s lead and illegally engage in domestic, sneak-and-peek surveillance, and how the FISA court is involved (the FISA court cannot refuse to issue a warrant). Also see ex-FBI Mike German‘s talks on Youtube on indiscriminate targeting of non-terrorists, non-spies, non-criminals. See William Binney‘s expose here of secret laws, secret surveillance. See why Section 215 of the Patriot Act is detrimental to national security, and the nation at large:Let the Sun Set on PATRIOT- Section 215, Electronic Frontier FoundationOpen Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up by Ramola D

“It’s against the law to follow illegal orders, but there was a team of White House lawyers and officials arguing that these techniques, which violated the Geneva Conventions, were authorized and legal. Chris’s fear of disobeying far outweighed his remorse.”

“Detainees themselves have said that it is the perpetual tactics of isola- tion, sleep deprivation, and having all senses cut off that are harder to endure than the soldiers’ violent outbursts, which at least come to an end.”

“Guantanamo drives strong men to their knees and weaker men beyond the brink,” Chris says. “It isn’t about physical injury; it is about emotional, mental, and intellectual exhaustion. It attacks people’s minds.” Sleep deprivation, light and sound manipu- lation, exposure to extreme temperatures, and solitary confinement are used on detainees because they have been proven to induce psycho- logical disintegration, regression, and even hallucinations. And with this man, the tactics had clearly been successful.”

“The suicide attempts usually came in spurts: two or three for a few days, and then a couple of weeks without any. According to the Depart- ment of Defense, in 2003 alone there were 350 acts of “self-harm,” including 120 “hanging gestures.”

“In fact, in 2009 it was revealed that out of the eight hundred men who have been held at Guantanamo, only two dozen have been declared to be terrorists. Most of the detainees around Chris were simply people who had been picked up for associating with certain types of people or for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even military com- manders themselves admit that many of the detainees were innocent.”Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

Please read as it applies to not only USA but UK, Europe, 5 Eye Countries, and Globally: Attention Law Enforcement/Police & Sheriff’s Deputies/Are you Oath Keepers or Oath Breakers? by NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton-Stewart

“Using vague rhetoric such as environmental manipulation, stress positions, and even waterboarding, the discussions hardly conjure up the realities of what was happening in prison. But by making torture, or “harsh interrogations,” officially sanc- tioned programs, the Bush administration has hidden the truth in plain sight.”

“In May 2002, President Bush withdrew the country’s signature from the treaty that binds it to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, for fear that Americans could be held accountable for war crimes. In 2006, he amended the 1996 War Crimes Act, in hopes that he could retroactively protect policy makers from charges of war crimes. Argu- ments have been brought forth in Washington that the Obama adminis- tration should seek truth hearings instead of convictions, for fear that it could become a politically divisive issue, pitting one party against the other. But even if officials are able to protect themselves and their cronies from officially paying the price and from being hauled in front of the world to answer for their crimes, the United States will still pay a price. Just as the soldiers are unable to protect themselves from their self-recrimination and disillusionment, our country is not protected by these official safeguards. Our moral selves have been forever tarnished.” Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things by Justine Sharrock

Please read and follow Investigative Science and Technology Writer, Ramola D on Twitter @EccEveryday for her informative threads on how these Illegal Crimes Against Humanity and Surveillance Abuses are being implemented via changes in the law and creating SCAM WATCHLISTS that they place Knowingly Innocent Targets on:

Deadly NLWs tested, used by #DoD WITHOUT the consent of Americans

Overview of how the #FBI, #CIA, #DHS, #DOD/#USAF are running Stealth Targeting, Torture, Repression, Assault, Field Testing operations on innocent Americans w. Radar, Spectrum, Sonic Weapons but won’t ‘fess to use/testing/operation.

One of the most extraordinary aspects of submitting a bill proposal to a State Legislature, in this case California, is, it opens a public conversation. Report #115: Dr. Tomo Shibata on the CA Organized Torture Act Bill Proposal

In Summary

What I have tried to highlight in this article are the unimaginable Human Rights Violations and Abuses of Classic Torture suffered by mostly Innocent Detainees held for exorbitant lengths of time without Due Process, subjected to falsified records by their name for inhumane justifications for Torture using false narratives, fabrications, and Tortured Interrogations for Forced False Confessions at places like Guantanamo Bay exposed by the journalist Justine Sharrock and the comparisons to the Everyday Torture suffered by Millions of Targeted People of Integrity worldwide placed on Scam Terrorist Watchlists, Tortured via Stealth/Neuro-Weaponry, Nano-Technology etc., Psychological Warfare which includes Gas Lighting, Organized Harassment and Stalking by multiple unrelated people who are recruited as Stasi-esque “informants” for profit and to be part of a Torture-For-Profit Club who blindly take orders to inhumanely and cruelly Torture a Human Being in exchange for rewards.

The insidious use of Stealth/Neuro-Weaponry and other bodily invasive torture methods permits Inhumane Organized Crime and Torture on ANYONE, ANYWHERE to be left hidden and covered-up by Plausible Deniability Psy-Ops, Disinformation spread by co-opted Mainstream Media, Alternative Media, and Independent Journalists alike, and Wilful Blindness for all those who profit from these Torture Programs and/or are too scared to blow the whistle for fear of being wrongfully and illegally placed on a Scam Watchlist for Torture, Non-Consensual Experimentation, and Data Mining of Brain/Body Mapping from Biohacking.

Thanks to journalists like Justine Sharrock the public are aware of many of the inhumane abuses and tortures conducted on detainees without due process, as well as the abusive and intimidating strategies used on those employed to subject detainees to torture whose own discernment and conscience led some to question their orders and methods used on detainees, and revealed testimonies on how “the effects of torturing became the cause for [continued] torturing”.

Thanks to Investigative Science and Technology Journalist and Writer Ramola D, who seems to be the lone journalist for the last five years since becoming aware of her own targeting and these inhumane human rights abuses and crimes against humanity, for writing and researching extensively about modern day surveillance and torture abuses and highlighting and helping high level nsa/cia/fbi Whistle-Blowers, like Karen Melton-Stewart, Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee who are all targeted themselves, in revealing the full extent and horrors of these Voyeuristic Torture-For-Profit Programs orchestrated by Intel, police, and fusion centres worldwide.

Flyers for Public Education by Ramola D & Karen Melton-Stewart

Ramola D, as a Human Rights Activist and Investigative Journalist, has bravely stuck her neck out to defend and support other prominent and well-respected Human Rights Activists such as in the case of Frederic Laroche who she has interviewed several times and was the first activist and Targeted Person of Integrity Ramola interviewed for her explosive bombshell podcasts delving deep into topics only someone already targeted and brave enough would dare go and where the likes of Edward Snowden and the bare trickle of leaked Snowden Files and Wikileaks leaks have only skimmed the surface of or outright avoided: Report #1: Part I, Frederic Laroche — Wrongful Psychiatric Detention in France on Ramola D Reports

Here is Ramola D’s Investigative Reporter Statement by Ramola D for Frederic Laroche for his court case in Grenoble, France in 2018. It is full of research and credible sources that can be cited by other journalists who wish to write truthfully about the full extent of these crimes against humanity and inhumane torture programs as well as be used by other Targeted People to help explain the types of organized crimes, harassment, stalking, tracking, biohacking, torture that can be used on victims.

Please also read Ramola’s reportage of Frederic’s case of how he was set-up by police because of his activism in France to raise awareness and help bring a stop to Torture via the use of Stealth/Neuro-Weaponry on knowingly innocent civilians for profit and experimentation: Flagrant Miscarriage of Justice in Grenoble’s Criminal Court as Judge Dismisses Facts, Upholds Wrongful Arrest and Fraudulent Psychiatry, and Shows Dangerous Bias in Criminal Entrapment & Extortion Case Against Human Rights Activist Frederic Laroche Whistleblowing on Non-Consensual Neuro-Experimentation by Ramola D

Here is Ramola’s reportage of the Judgement in Frederic Laroche’s case which he is currently in the process of appealing: Grenoble Judgement in Activist Frederic Laroche’s Case Favors Authoritarian Psychiatry and Wrongful Arrest by Ramola D

Please take the time to read, watch, and share the following material that you unfortunately will not find reported by other mainstream media journalists. Please contact journalists, human rights and privacy organizations, and your local governments to ask them why they are not reporting on these heinous crimes against humanity which are tantamount to Torture, Genocide, and Democide and are in breach of EVERYONES’ HUMAN RIGHTS TO LIFE, DIGNITY, PRIVACY, SAFETY, PEACE.

“In Mr. Sosbee’s estimation, the FBI in particular is responsible for these modern-day Targeting crimes, but of course each of these other parties no doubt also play a prominent part in wrongfully watch-listing and terror-listing innocent citizens in order to secretively and unashamedly enroll them in horrific, criminal, and unethical non-consensual human subject experimentation, weapons-testing and medical and University research involving RFIDs, WBANs, medical implants, neuro-implants, neuroweapons, nanoweapons, bio-sensors, aerosols, irradiation with microwave and milliwave weapons, lasers, masers, and so on, as well as Satanic neurotechnology such as V2K, synthetic telepathy, induced dreams, pumped-in videos and images, RHIC-EDOM, EEG Heterodyning, EEG Cloning, brain computer interface (BCI) technology, neural interface technology, and “neuro behavior modification” technology involving RF weapons, while also subjecting them to “bio-behavioral research” involving sanctioned Psychological Operations or Psychiatric Warfare on them.” FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee: “Profound Corruption of Law and Society by J. Edgar Hoover And His Offspring, the FBI” by Ramola D

“Targeted for Neutralization: Persecutory Surveillance Abuse Meted Out to Whistleblowers, Journalists, Innocent Americans

The kind of persecutory abuse previously meted out sporadically to whistleblowers from inside the Intelligence agencies and military has currently expanded it seems to include large swathes of the population, while being rather viciously focused still on whistleblowers as well as journalists of import, including this writer, who dare to report on the atrocity of this targeting and abuse as also on other issues of corruption and criminality rampant today in the Intelligence Community.

The advent of radiation weapons, WiFi, and cell phones appears to have exacerbated this situation by permitting Intelligence agency principals and minions free rein to surreptitiously and covertly attack Americans with impunity, with no due process, no Constitutional rights, no civil rights accorded those they randomly set within their sights to target with weaponry, budgeted counterintelligence operations, and goon squad COINTELPRO activity.” By Ramola D Reports | Report # 106: CIA and FBI Whistleblowers Barbara Hartwell And Geral Sosbee Discuss The Truth About Surveillance Abuses

“CIA Engages in Illegal Domestic Covert Operations

On a subject that has been covered by writers and analysts like Doug Valentine and Alex Constantine, as well as reported sporadically by mainstream media including The Washington Post/2002, Associated Press/2011, The New York Times/2011, and The Christian Science Monitor/2015, and pointed to by other CIA whistleblowers like Kevin Shipp, Barbara Hartwell notes:

CIA is and has always been heavily involved in what I would call illegal domestic covert operations. CIA is part of the Executive branch of the government — they don’t answer to anybody, even the so-called Executive Branch. The President doesn’t ever know what they’re doing. I can guarantee that. They have no oversight.

Yes (they’re part of the shadow government). They’re extremely powerful….People think they’re an Intelligence-gathering organization, they keep us safe here in America. No, they don’t. They foment — they engage in nation-building, propaganda, and they overthrow governments, and they set up puppet governments — that’s what they do.”(–Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D Reports/Report #61)” “No Morals, No Scruples”: Barbara Hartwell on CIA’s Mission of Psychological Warfare, Propaganda, Illegal Domestic Covert Operations, and Extreme High-Tech Retaliation Against Whistleblowers by Ramola D

“Since leaving the NSA, Karen reports stalking, surveillance, and house break-ins by NSA Security, and photo-stalking by personnel from the Navy Security Group whose headquarters were now co-located at Ft. Meade, Maryland with NSA Head Quarters, in the Directed-Energy Weapons Directorate.

Starting in late 2015, she reports being hit also by covert electronic-warfare Directed-Energy Weapons at her residence in Florida, a continuous 24/7 assault that began after a Twitter exchange about 9/11 with Bill Black, Jr., a former Deputy Director at the National Security Agency. Karen’s write-up on 9/11 (referenced below), based on her experience of witness at the NSA was featured here earlier.NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart says Intel Community Now Full of People More Dangerous to Freedom than ISIS

“Turning to French and Belgian Intelligence early, he worked as an undercover Counterterrorism agent within this suspect terrorist (and notably non-Islamist) organization, and was “exfiltrated” by a Mossad agent who informed him of the nature of the organization he was working for, including informing him that members of Belgian Law Enforcement were a part of it and helped him return to Belgium under protection. However, back in Belgium he found himself and his family terrorized; his Mossad agent friend was apparently killed, or so he was told, his wife disappeared, his home was broken into, with clues such as police radio interference on Internet access disruptions pointing to police complicity. Complaints to Law Enforcement and Intelligence produced no response.” By Ramola D Reports/Report #84: Marc Delantre, Belgian IT & Intel Whistleblower on Mirai Botnet & Gladio Connections with Global False Flag Terrorism, Mass Shooters, Infanticide, & Mind Control Weapons

“Foremost scientific whistleblower on the use of DEWs, mind-control weapons and micro/nanochips on human populations in the US and Europe, Dr. Kilde traveled widely, experienced much, visited numerous military and medical conferences, researched in-depth, and reported to all continuously and candidly on her experiences, analyses, research, interviews and findings.

Taken too soon from us by DEW-inflicted cancer, in her own analysis–as recorded here, at Henning Witte’s White TV site, on Feb 8, 2015, a shining beacon to all who would dare to step forward in these times of abject totalitarianism and speak out to save humanity from ongoing and impending transhumanism, cyborgism, and deletion.” American and Polish Broadcasts Honor Dr. Rauni Kilde, Visionary, Whistleblower on DEWs & Mass Mind Control Weapons, Voice for Humanity by Ramola D

“Geral Sosbee, FBI whistleblower, Vietnam War veteran, attorney, judge, English professor and Special Agent with integrity who spoke out against wrongful practices in the FBI in the ’70s and was forced to resign under threat of psychiatric incarceration — apparently a popular MO among US Intelligence and Security agencies, not to mention Military branches, and who was excessively and cruelly targeted with COINTELPRO and anti-personnel high-tech weaponry after he left (of the kind reported from Cuba and China, which the US likes to deny exists), reporting a lifetime of such egregiously persecutory treatment, spells out succinctly the current situation inside the united States of America, where fascism, totalitarianism, and Communism have taken hold — not just directed against him, but all of us as well.” Geral Sosbee: Collapse of Constitutional Government of The United States of America & The Responsibility For The Collapse (FBI/CIA/DOD); Call for New Nuremberg Trial by Ramola D

“Violence in Silence — With Proven Stealth Assault Weapons, Coming Now Openly to Police Departments?

This is physical violence, and this is a leading NSA whistleblower reporting the use of violence on Americans, internally in the USA; the use of Stealth Assault Weapons such as microwave weapons, sonic weapons, scalar weapons, and covertly-implanted RFIDs or bioweapon systems which project “Silent Hits” on people remotely–hinted at in this ACLU report on the FBI’s terrorism watchlisting process–using invisible radiation/plasma/sonic projectiles does not make them any less violent, assaultive, invasive, intrusive, or forceful, as their euphemistic military label “Non Lethal Weapons” might falsely and palliatively invite anyone to think.

The more accurate term for them, I would contend, is Stealth Assault Weapons or Bio Hacking and Neuro Hacking or Brain Hacking weapons: using bio-resonance frequencies against people, they target human organs, joints, nerves, muscles, bones, and brains, they attack health, vitality, fitness, and mental prowess, they destroy, degrade, disrupt, and deceive humans.” By Ramola D/No Longer True: The NSA “Isn’t Getting Violent Internally in the US”: Millions Today in US Are Targeted with RF/Scalar/Sonic Weapons, Nano Weapons, Neuro Weapons, Chem/Bio Weapons

“Detailed in its reportage of eyewitness testimonials, historic and recent facts surrounding the upkeep of the Tower, information from bystanders and survivors and contextual evidence, this report states that the fire was a deliberate act of mass murder designed to wreak extreme physical and psychological harm, which had been planned for and was run by the same elitist terrorist crime syndicate which has co-opted and owns mainstream media and was responsible for the theft of intellectual property worth millions from media concept innovator Seven, whose creative work was stolen and continues to be used by them. This is also the same crime syndicate which runs smear and persecution campaigns on targeted victims, she notes, as well as runs all manner of state-sponsored terrorism on populations.” Grenfell Tower Fire Crime Report/Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network: “Undeniably a Mass Murder and a Crime Against Humanity of Mammoth Proportions” by Ramola D

“In a powerful and technically insightful conversation aired at Ramola D Reports on January 22, 2019, Mark Steele, technical weapons expert, patent writer, inventor, nuclear research technology officer spoke forcefully about the dangers of 5G and the recent LED Street Lights rollout in Gateshead, United Kingdom, which he says is part of the 5G rollout.

“5g is a weapons system, nothing more nothing less,” Mark Steele declares. “It’s got nothing to do with telecommunications for humans. 5g is a machine to machine connection for autonomous vehicles.” “5G is a Weapons System, Nothing More, Nothing Less”: Technical Weapons Expert Mark Steele Issues Wake Up Call to All UK Residents on 5G LED Street Lights Rollout in Gateshead by Ramola D

“When did it become okay to burn people alive in their beds, wake them up continuously at night with specific Radio Frequencies sent to their brains at night–to keep them from REM sleep–which is essentially SLEEP DEPRIVATION, a classic component of Torture as we all understand it?

When did it become okay to needle people remotely from a distance with flicks of military tracking radar–on all parts of their bodies, including their private parts?

When did it become okay to do remote EEGs on people’s heads, send remote electroshocks and remote electro-vibrations to their spines or other body parts?

When did it become okay to send Voice to Skull and the constant, abusive chatterboxing and abuse from HIVE-MINDED MORONS into someone’s skull–to keep them from living their lives in peace?

When did it become okay to test out a whole bunch of nasty, invasive, amoral, unethical, barbaric Brain Assaultive Technology on people–calling it Surveillance, calling it Monitoring, calling it Prevention of whatever latest flavor of “Threat” or “Terrorism” the Covert Ops agencies are concocting as Cover for their evil technology-creation–which no scientist with even one ethical bone in their bodies would permit the creation of?

The fact is, Surveillance Targeting today has opened the door to clear-cut Torture. People are being tortured. This is not something to sit back and look askance at. This is a HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS, and every single human being on this planet should be waking up and paying attention and asking what we each can do to stop this monstrous outrage NOW.” By Ramola D: Surveillance Targeting Has Permitted Clear-Cut TORTURE

The following are links to a current ongoing Podcast Series revealing how Surveillance Targeting Today is Classic Torture, found at Ramola D Reports created by Investigative Science and Technology Writer/Journalist Ramola D and Pastor, Domestic Violence Expert & Counsellor Dr Millicent Black. Written below each Podcast link is a description of each episode as found and written underneath each video by Ramola D.

I ask kindly for the sake of Humanity and Future Generations to come that you take the time to WATCH this Ground-Breaking, History-in-the-Making Podcast Series and SHARE with as many people as you can, including alerting your own Policy Makers in your country, Human Rights and Privacy Groups and Organizations.

Episode I on Surveillance Targeting Today is Classic Torture By Ramola D & Dr Millicent Black

“Dr. Millicent Black and Ramola D discuss the similarities between Surveillance Targeting and plain old Classic Torture as we open this new podcast series which intends to study extant Reports on Torture from human rights groups, histories of non-consensual experimentation and torture inflicted on civilians and soldiers by the US Department of Defense as well as the CIA, and the current US and International Laws, Treaties, and Conventions against torture. We will also discuss Informed Consent and waivers, loopholes, and weaselly ways in which the DOD and other Fed agencies have succeeded in distorting the Common Rule to their purposes, so as to permit experimentation without consent on Americans.

In this episode, we discussed the US Code definition of Torture, and briefly discussed the Clinton Apology to Tuskegee victims more than 50 years after the fact, the Bioethical Commisssion findings re. the Guatemalan victims of US experiments, and the failed Bioethical Commission hearings wherein hundreds of MIC victims aka “targeted individuals” stepped forward to report non-consensual experimentation on their bodies and brains and were cruelly and callously dismissed by Amy Gutmann’s whitewash committee as needing to refer their claims to the Justice Department. (Which, when victims report energy weapon assault, also cruelly dismisses them as delusional, an entrenched Catch 22 strategy designed to silence victims, shut down society, and keep on victimizing MIC victims.)

Related Links:…”

Episode 2/Surveillance Targeting Today is Classic Torture By Ramola D & Dr Millicent Black

“Dr. Millicent Black and Ramola D have a second public conversation on the subject of how those being wrongfully watchlisted and terrorlisted by the FBI and DHS are being subjected to terminal nonconsensual experimentation with new-age medical implants, directed energy weapons — in field weapons testing projects the DOD/USA/Navy are running but trying to keep secret–and in multiple medical and military/Intel experiments involving 24/7 trauma inflicted with remote electrical weapons and Psy Ops, and sleep deprivation, as well as social terrorism, blacklisting, character assassination and life sabotage–how all this relates quite closely to classic understandings of classic torture.

In this video we discuss 2 reports from the Physicians Committee for Human Rights, on the laws against torture and the physicians who engage in torture, from recent CIA report findings:

PHR’s “Experiments in Torture” — Physicians for Human Rights › resources › phrs-experiments-…

Dec 21, 2010 · PHR’s recent report, “Experiments in Torture,” was selected as one of Discover Magazine’s “Top 100 Stories of 2010.”Ranked at #37, PHR’s …

Physicians for Human Rights — Doing Harm Health Professionals Central Role in the CIA Torture Program › resources › doing-harm-…

Dec 1, 2014 · Physicians for Human Rights: This analysis by PHR of the SSCI … To do no harm;; To protect the lives and health of patients under their care from …”

Episode 3: Surveillance Targeting Today is Classic Torture By Ramola D & Dr Millicent Black

“Dr. Millicent Black discusses a report by Physicians Committee for Human Rights Titled Broken Laws, Broken Lives, and we discuss the commonalities between the use of non-lethal weapons on people today being wrongfully targeted for weaponized Electronic Surveillance, thence trafficked into military, medical, academic, and Intelligence research projects involving telemetry, RF transmissions, trauma, neuro-invasion, neuro-modification and electronic slavery, and how this relates exactly to facets of classic torture. This discussion and series is being conducted to publicize and raise awareness about these Crimes Against Humanity”


Sharrock, J. (2010). Tortured: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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